Not the direction you expected?

JCVD would be proud.

Christapor Yaacoubian


I had the craziest dream where I thought I was protecting you.

We entered a building lived in by one of your associates.

As we entered the suite your associate took you upstairs and you turned to me and said “give me a few minutes.” Your eyes said sorry, you were reluctant. These weren’t people whose company you enjoyed. This is why you made a plan to leave the firm.

After sometime passes I begin to get suspicious. I’m under the impression you’re having an affair. I make a move to find you and suddenly everyone is grabbing a hold of me and asking me to stay. The conversation wasn’t fantastic, so why the sudden interest?

This made me more suspicious that everyone was in on the affair.

I get to the roof, your associate and 2 of his goons are there. They’re flustered.

I call out to you. You sound frantic as you reply to me. I see you from the far end, the goons and your associate turn to face me grimacing. Your clothes have been ripped. I begin to run towards you, and one of the goons pounced on me.

I manage to trip one, his weight made it really easy. He tumbled onto a metal railing head first. He was out.

The other was another story, he was off to chase you. So I went after him.

I caught up to him as he caught up to you. I jumped on his back, he thrashed wildly and got me on the ground, his body on top of mine. The full weight of him crashed into me as he leaped back. He got up and began to wail into me. I was blurred, I was hazy. I couldn’t protect myself. The pain went away and started to feel similar to cold water, sharp, but non threatening.

I heard a clank. The wailing had stopped. You looked like a goddess with the wind ruffling your hair. You’d found a pole and managed a good crack at his noggin’. He was gone.

You helped me up and gave me a kiss.

You are my hero.

You see your associate, you raise your eyebrows. He concedes. He yells from afar that he will give you everything you want.

You turn to me and smile — then you kiss me again.

This is when I woke.

JCVD would be proud.

I know I certainly was.



Christapor Yaacoubian

When I moved to Canada I needed someone to talk to, so I began talking to myself. I’ve got a backlog of thoughts. How soon will we hit the present?